Director of Photography

Wedding Book


Lay-flat Wedding Album


I believe a wedding is a moment in a couple's life were they feel most alive. A wedding book is a time capsule for the married couple to relive those memories and keep their love committed.

I want to make the wedding album come alive just as a couple would come alive walking through their wedding day all over again. The book will be made as a reminder of each others vows to be with each other no matter the circumstances.

As we open we see overhead a coffee table that a couple sits at placing the wedding album. The moment the set down the book and you hear the "thump" of the books weight hit the wood of the table, we hear a male voice whisper in the wind "In the name of God, I take you..." As we see and hear the soft creak the book's spine open, a females voice echoes "to be my husband..." As we show shots of the details of the book along with the subtle textured sounds of the book we continue to hear the remembered vows of the couple to each other.
A page turns "For better, for worse."
A finger glides across a page "For richer, for poorer."
A hand rubs the binding on the table "In sickness and in health."
The last page falls onto the prior pages "To love and to cherish."
We and with the book closing and hearing "til death due us part" and the couples hands atop each other's with a loving squeeze.
END TEXT: Keep the memory alive.



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Nostalgic sensory warmth. Delicate.

VO of male and female.

In the name of God, I take you
To be my wife/husband
To have and to hold
From this day forward
For better, for worse
In sickness, and in health
To love and to cherish
Till death due us part.
This is my solemn vow.

Colors are warm oranges, and browns. Heartwarming, cozy memory.

Hazer. Shallow focus. Slow Motion. Details.