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See. Desire. Take.

See. Desire. Take.

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To see.

To desire.

to take.


Red Zone Scene

Master: A ghost in a darkish living room sitting in front of a coffee table with a bonsai plant siting in front of her.

MS: Bonzai Plant

MS: Ghosts head

Master Closer: The ghost slightly glows a red hue coming from within.

CU: Bonzai Plant

CU: Ghosts Head

XCU: Bonzai Plant:

XCU: Ghost Head

XCU: Bonzai Plant

Master Closer: A human hand slowly creeps out from under the ghost’s cloth

CU Tracking: Hand reaching towards the bonsai plant

POV: Hand reaching towards bonsai plant.

Front wide shot. RED ZONE WOMAN.

- Feather Head Dress

- Rib Bone Neckpiece

- Red Painted Hands

- Golden Gypsy Claws

- Right Hand Holding dead Bonzai Plant

- Eyes Closed

- Eye painted Left hand

- Red Ribbon Flowing out from her

- Red water caustics


Bonsai Plant

Black Cube


APHEX TWIN - Digeridoo


Woman Takes Money:
Back Story: A woman is a single mother of a 3 year old Daughter and 6 year old son. She's dating a guy who's pretty much trash. He treats her and her kids like shit, but he's a drug dealer that has the money to help put food on the table.

She gets a hint from a phone call that the boyfriend is going to meet in such a such parking lot and make a deal. She makes a plan.


The woman watches the transfer of goods happen between the client and the boyfriend. The client drives away and the boyfriend is left alone with two leather bags stuffed and his trunk open. The boyfriend gets a phone call and begins to chat with another perspective client making empty promises.  She quietly exits the car and approaches the boyfriend whose back is faced her. She pummels him in the head with a tire iron. He lies on the ground gasping for air. The woman is terrified at what she did. She pauses and her eyes go to the bags. She begin to beat in the boyfriends head screaming, "I'm so sorry, Jim! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" She loads the bags in her trunk with a bloodied face. She closes her trunk.


Man Takes Woman:

Back Story: A man and woman are on a date together. The man is a little under average looks and slightly overweight. The woman is attractive to the eyes. It's an interesting pair. But they both have a great time at the bar. The woman finds the man quite funning and charming and the man is crazy into her. After the woman down's several gin and tonic's, she begins to share her childhood experiences in growing up with an alcoholic mother. The man listens intently while she slides down a couple more GTs.


The man calls a cab as the woman stumbles and hangs on his shoulder. They get in a cab and she quickly passes out on his lap. She's a mess. The man chuckles at her. Her clothes being disheveled and her decency unconsidered, the man's eyes are drawn to her cleavage. He stares for awhile, but awakens himself from his gaze.

The helps her into her apartment and plops her into her bed. She out. Except she mumbles some barely distinguishable words about her mother and about how's she thinks he such a great guys. She surprisingly musters a quick strength and pulls him in for a passionate kiss. The kiss is short-lived and she fully passes out. The man tries to wake her, "Liz. Liz!" He gives her a bit of a shake. She's gone. He stands up frustrated and looks at her body. He shakes it off and walks to the door to exit. He stops at the doorway. He stays inside the room and closes the door and looks back at Liz.


A Man takes Land:

Back Story: A young, ambitious real estate developer is the recent beneficiary of his recently deceased father's business and legacy. He sits at his desk looking at his desk at a photo of his father. His sister sits across from his desk asking him how he's doing since their dad passed away 1 year ago from today. She shares her trouble dealing with him gone even though it's been a year, "It feels like he was here yesterday." The man is conflicted with remembering his father. His father was a provider for his family, but very stern, absent and in love with work. "I miss him, but at the same time, maybe I don't." His sister responds "How can you say such..." She's interrupted by the man's desk phone ringing. The man answers swiftly. "What? There still there? I'm leaving now."



The man pulls up to an apartment townhouse with a group of orange-vested construction workers standing in a circle outside. A sign is posted in the ground with "Doser Development" in bold dark-blue letters. He walks up the the main floor door and knocks loudly. "Arturo!" A latino man answers the door. You hear and see a large family in the living room with the TV playing western cartoons on full blast while a baby cries.

"What do you want, Mr. Doser?"

"You were supposed to be out of here 3 weeks ago."

"We're still here, we paid you rent!"

"You paid me the old rent amount. We've been over this. If you can't pay the new rent amount you have to go."
Arturo explodes, "we've been paying rent to your father for the past 13 years! Why is it all the sudden $300 more than what we've paid for years!"

"I'm sorry Arturo. If you can't pay the rent, you have to leave. You shouldn't even be here right now. I'm going to call the police."

"No! Please."

"Get your family and leave now. Right now."

Arturo order his family to leave.

They all walk past Mr. Doser standing in the doorway with fright. Arturo's 9 year old son stops at Mr. Doser.

"Why do we have to go?"

Mr. Doser puts his hand on the boys shoulder and replies, "We all have to move on at some point." Mr. Doser uses his hand to give the boy a nudge out of the door.
Mr. Doser stands in the doorway and watches the family leave. He turns into the apartment which has a scattering of toys and the Western TV show of Cowboys and Indians blasting loud.

Woman Takes Money

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